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The Dream Tour
US Education Program by ExxonMobil that promote STEM education for acquiring strong math and science skills. It also provides improved tools for teachers to deliver more engaging classroom activities.

About The A Game Achievement Program

The A Game Achievement Program (TAGAP)  is a non-profit community based organization that provide supplemental remedial education, enrichment  education, mentoring and fund raising activities to provide high quality learning opportunities to students who are not functioning well in their mainstream education environment and to support the Carver-Hill Museum.

We focus on individualized self-paced remedial and enrichment education while promoting high academic standards and expectations.  We honor those who have paved the way and we are committed to innovative and alternative ways to build students for the 21st century. We work in close collaboration with parents, each partner school and program sponsors to ensure the success of each student.

While the methods and technologies behind our learning solutions continue to evolve, our educational philosophy remains consistent. The A Game Achievement Program is grounded in a set of guiding principles:

  • All learners can learn when given the support that meets their needs.
  • All learners require proficiency in STEM, not just our nation’s top math and science students. STEM learning resources must be adaptable to a wide range of abilities, learning styles and individual interests.
  • Project-based, student-centered learning is a powerful way to engage learners and develop higher-order thinking skills.
  • 21st century skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and communication, project and resource management, creativity and adaptability are necessary to succeed in a fast-paced, global economy. Blending these skills with academic content is a uniquely effective way to enhance student performance.
  • College and career readiness requires the ability to integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A multidisciplinary approach that also integrates social studies, communication skills and the arts provides a powerful framework to engage learners in STEM.
  • The application of technology to work flow is a critical and sustainable competency, whereas technology taught as a set of stand-alone skills offers only short-term value.
  • Evaluation of higher-order thinking requires authentic assessment. Presentation and working portfolios provide a meaningful basis for assessment while developing necessary communication.

Together with our many local and across the country program sponsors , The A Game Achievement Program challenges and engages today’s learners while preparing them to succeed in a global economy. Education is the best investment we can make in our children!

Our Motto:

"Fancy the world a hill, lad;
Look where the millions stop.
You'll find the crowd at the base, lad there is always room at the top"
-G. Cannon

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

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