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NAME:  Marion James Rufus Kent
DATE OF BIRTH: January 30, 1941
EDUCATION: BS-Central State University
                             MS- University of Cincinnati
                             PhD-The Union
FRATERNITY: Kappa Alpha Psi




Marion James Rufus Kent


He was born Marion James Rufus Kent on the 30th of January, 1941 in  the poor rural town of Chipley Florida.  His father and mother separated and divorced when he was eight years old.  After a short stay in Tampa and St Petersburg, FL where he attended Dunbar Elementary School, Tampa, FL and Jordon Elementary School, St Petersburg, FL, he, his mother and younger brother  moved to Ft Walton Beach, Florida in 1952.   His mother, Inez Kent, worked as a cook and maid until she retired because of medical problems. 

Inez had high hopes for both of her sons and instilled in both a serious work ethic.  In this time of segregation and poorly funded segregated schools in the South, she made both of her sons recognize their disadvantaged state and taught both that they needed to work ten times as harder than everyone else, and dress ten times better, just to survive.  Brooks School, a two room K-12 segregated school with two teachers, was the only option for black students living in Ft. Walton Beach FL.  In 1955, Okaloosa County Schools built the counties' first and only segregated black high school in Crestview, FL for all Okaloosa County black students. Students attending the new Carver-Hill High School from Ft Walton Beach, FL were bused 80 miles each school day that required getting up early and getting home late each school day.

After graduating from Carver-Hill High School with honors in 1959, Marion attended Central State University in OH and graduated in 1963 with a degree in education.  He was the first family member to enter and complete college. He was followed by his brother who attended and graduated from Florida A & M University with a degree in business administration. Currently he runs his own Fire Lost Adjustment and Construction Company in Chicago.

After graduating from college in 1963, Marion moved to Cincinnati, OH and begin his education career as an elementary teacher at Hays Elementary School under leadership and mentoring of Vivian J. Beamon, in a low income area of Cincinnati, OH.  He spent seventeen years with the Cincinnati Public Schools and achieved many urban education career milestones that included directing the Career Opportunities Program (COP),  an urban teacher training program and managing the district's' Educational Technology Demonstration Project that lead to the use of computers, computer assisted learning in the classroom and the establishment of the district's first Technology magnet school.  In 1980, he accepted an Employment and Training Supervisor position with the City of Cincinnati, Employment and Training Division and served in the position until his retirement in 2001.  He was named Public Employee of the Year in 1996.

He married his wife Janet who he dated at Central State University in 1965 and lost her to cancer in 2000.  They had one child, Venus Rennee Kent, a daughter who earned Gold Award Honors as a Girl Scout, graduated from Ohio University with honors in Business and Computer Science and earned her MBA degree in marketing from Ohio State University.  Venus Kent worked as a member of the Sales Management team of the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau in Cincinnati, OH. She was honored for booking the largest convention in Cincinnati history, The World Choir Games, 2012.

In 2008, after living in Las Vegas, NV from 2001-2008, he moved back to his home state of FL and worked as a sub-teacher in the Okaloosa County Schools. He proudly enjoy giving back to his home community where he grew up as a teen. .



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