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Welcome to where we build students for the 21st century!

The A Game Achievement Program (TAGAP)  is a non-profit community based organization that provide supplemental remedial education, enrichment  education, mentoring and fund raising activities to provide high quality learning opportunities to students who are not functioning well in their mainstream education environment and to support the Carver-Hill Museum.

We focus on individualized basic and STEM education, student enrichment, mentoring and high tech vocational development while promoting high academic standards and expectations.  We honor those who have paved the way!


  Left to Right: The Late Samuel Allen, Founder's High School Science Teacher; Marion James Rufus Kent, Founder; The Late Florence Gilmore Hayes, Founder's Second Grade Teacher; The Late Fred Shuttlesworth, Civil Rights Leader; President Obama and President Clinton.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center


Joshua I. Smith, BizTalk With Josh Smith™,  College Classmate and 1963 Central State University Honor Graduate!


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